Pricing & Payment

Prices -- We want all our products to be a great value so we present our lowest price everyday to everyone.  Balance for quality and value is our goal and we are proud of our quality customer service. The best prices are always offered on our online shop.

Currency & Exchange Rates -- All prices and financial transactions are in United States Dollars (US $).

Payment Terms -- Our payment terms are PIA (Payment in Advance); meaning we require receipt of full payment for the order total in advance of release. We accept payment by PayPal and all credit cards supported by PayPal.

Tax and Duties -- Our selling price does not include any local duties / customs taxes.  Buyer should be prepared to pay the local duties and / or customs taxes upon delivery.  We will not take any responsibility and cannot arrange the refund if the parcel is returned to us because of the customs duties and / or undeliverable and / or refused to receive.

EU VAT -- For all EU customers, from 1 July 2021 onwards, sending (including by postal services) commercial goods (including online selling merchandise) to the business users (B2B) or consumers (B2C) in European Union (EU) will be levied with value added tax (VAT) disregard what the value is.  Please note that our selling price does not include any local duties / customs taxes and we cannot settle any VAT in advance.  So, buyers should be prepared to pay the local duties and / or customs taxes upon delivery and there may have some additional handling fee which may be charged by customs.  So, we would recommend all of our EU customers to purchase the products from our eBay store - our store name "otgequipment" ( or ).  It is the easiest way to import our products to EU.

Pricing and Payment Disclaimers -- We make an effort to maintain consistent product specifications, price and availability but they may change without notice. In particular, items that remain in a wish list or shopping cart may change before checkout. The information published on any website of this size and complexity may contain errors or inaccuracies and these may relate to product specifications, pricing, and availability. We do our best to minimize and immediately correct errors, inaccuracies or omissions that come to our attention. If this results in a material change to your order, we will contact you immediately and confirm that you still wish to place your order. OTG Dive is not responsible for the business policies, practices, and procedures of third party financial services (including PayPal and wire transfer agents), who may unilaterally impose denials, delays or surcharges for authorization, payment and refund transactions.